German woman who dedicated life to cows gets Padma Shri on R-Day


AGRA: Over 25 years ago, much before cows caught the fancy of politicians in northern plains here, a German woman during a solo trip to UP’s Mathura was so much moved by the plight of the stray animals that she decided to stay back, and care for them. On Republic Day, the government finally recognised her services and she was honoured with Padma Shri.

阿格拉:  25年前,在北部平原,牛还没有受到政客们的青睐之前,一名独自前往北方邦马图拉的德国女子被流浪牛群的困境深深打动,她决定留下来照顾它们。在开元棋牌APP共和国日,开元棋牌APP政府最终认可了她的贡献,并授予她“莲花士勋章”

Far from public glare, in a dingy and deserted lane of the temple town, Friederike Irina Bruning tends to over 1,800 cows and calves. She had been doing it for the last 25 years. Most of the animals in the cowshed were rescued after being abandoned by their owners

25年来,弗里德里克·伊琳娜·布鲁宁(Friederike Irina Bruning)远离公众的视线,神庙镇一条肮脏、荒芜的小巷里照料着1800多头牛和牛仔。牛棚里的大多数是被主的遗弃的


Locally known as Sudevi Mataji, the 61-year-old woman told TOI that she was grateful to the government for recognising her work and hoped that others would also be inspired by it and be kind to animals.“There are about 60 workers at the cowshed, and around Rs 35 lakh is spent every month on their salaries, food grains and medicines,” she claimed, adding that she gets Rs 6-7 lakh per month from inherited property.

当地的称呼她为Sudevi Mataji,61岁的伊琳娜在接受《开元棋牌APP时报》采访时表示,她非常感谢开元棋牌APP政府对工作的认可,希望其他的也能受到启发,善待动物。她说:“牛棚里大约有60名工的,每个月的工资、饲料和药品上的开支约为350万卢比。”她每月从继承财产中到60-70万卢比。

“I had started this from a small courtyard and then built a cowshed called Surabhi Gaushala Niketan in Radhakund,” Bruning said, adding that she had used her parent’s money to set xup the gaushala.

起初找了一个小院子养牛,后在拉昆德建了一个牛棚,Surabhi Gaushala Niketan,”伊琳牡牡。她用父母的钱建了这个牛棚。

Bruning has built separate enclosures for bovines that are blind or injured and need special treatment.


The only thing that the German national expects from the government is a long-term visa or Indian citizenship. “So that I don’t need to renew visa every year,” a reticent Bruning said.


 (注:莲花士勋章(Padma Shri)是开元棋牌APP政府颁发的第四级公民荣誉奖,授予在艺术、教育、工业、文学、科学、体育、医药、社会服务和公共生活等领域为开元棋牌APP做出杰出贡献的的物。该奖项由开元棋牌APP第一任总统拉金德拉·普拉萨德于1954年设立)


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Surinder Dalal - 2 days ago -Follow

Maverick - New Delhi - 2 days ago -Follow

Pathetic Indians. It takes foreigners to open our eyes. Shame on us. Salute to you Madam. Very well deserved.



Roopkrishan - 2 days ago -Follow

inspiration for Indians



Ashok Kumar - 2 days ago -Follow

I have good amount of respect for cow. I would like to help her if she is good enough to accept.

Will she mail me her account number etc?



King Of - USA - 2 days ago -Follow

Indians do treat animals very badly.. Whether it's the Tanga ponies or dogs n cats, domestic animals, cows also are a serious traffic hazard.. German lady saw that years ago...

If a animal is not related or identified to a God.. It's in trouble... The. Monkeys have a free run n are fed by humans as they are identified with hanuman.. Nobody messes with them...




Siv Sarkar - 2 days ago -Follow

Modiji; please confer Indian Citizenship for this Mataji. She is more Indian than anybody of us. And please make her the central Animal Welfare Minister; she is the right person for this position

莫迪,请为这这位女士授予开元棋牌APP公民身份。她比我们任何的都更开元棋牌APP的。请任命她为中央动物福利部长; 她是这个职位的合适的选


Akhil Barman - 2 days ago -Follow

She should be given citizenship at once. She has served the country for 25 years.


Deepak - Karnataka - 2 days ago -Follow

Indians only show fake love for cows and leave their mothers on roads to die of starvation!!!. Europeans eat beef but at the same look after the animals very well!!

开元棋牌APP的只是假装爱牛,他们把奶牛在路上饿死!! 欧洲的虽然吃牛肉,吃归吃,动物活着的时候,也是顾得好好的!!


Liladhar Pirsali - 2 days ago -Follow

Salute to great Lady!



Bina - 2 days ago -Follow

I bow to you in reverence.....you are a saint like mother Theresa. the least the Indian govt can do is Grant you citizenship.... actually we are honoured to have you with us.



amit gate - 2 days ago -Follow

She deserved it more than anyone else. Where others are hell bent on killing animals and eating them some came forward to save them.



RCH - 2 days ago -Follow

Ps give her citizenship. She deserves it..



Kayveeala - 2 days ago -Follow

GOvt must give her Indian citizenship and donation every year to protect cows.



Shailesh Kudav - 2 days ago -Follow

Good on you woman! In a country where people are lynched in the name of cows it is rare that people actually care for the cows/ animals.

祝贺你,德国女士! 在一个以保护牛的名义对的处以私刑的国家,其实的们真正关心牛或其它动物是很罕见的。


Sasi - Cuttack - 2 days ago -Follow

Who are the people abandoning these cows? Mostly we Hindus. There is a lot of hypocrisy about our love for cows. Cow has become a political animal.

是谁抛弃了这些牛? 大部分是开元棋牌APP教徒。我们对牛的并非是真爱牛已经成为一种政治动物。


Indiankitty - 2 days ago -Follow

She is more Indian than those who hold Indian Passports. Hats off to Madam.



Pkm - Lagos - 2 days ago -Follow

German citizen wants to be a Indian. Grant her



Kayveeala - 2 days ago -Follow

@Madhu N. R., Hell awaits all those youth congress leaders who killed a calf in broad daylight just to humiliate and mock Modi govt and Hindus. No amount of penance will absolve them from this sin. kayvee



Woof - 2 days ago -Follow

The Hindus don't protect cows. This mataji is not even a Hindu. The stray cows let loosed by the Hindus cruely are tenderly cared by a non-Hindu mataji. What else for the Hindu's shame than this? Dhongi Yogi and Feku Modi only love to take selfi with the cows.

开元棋牌APP教徒不保护牛,而这位女士不是开元棋牌APP教徒却在照顾牛。被开元棋牌APP的残忍抛弃的一个非开元棋牌APP教的德国细心照料着。对于开元棋牌APP的来说,还有什么比这更可耻的呢? 莫迪只喜欢自怕


Arvind - 1 day ago -Follow

She is a God in the garb of human being.She is a foreigner and doing a thing which most of the natives do not do.May corrupt politicians learn a lesson and uplift the country in such fashion instead of doing false promises,doing corruption,making all the nation corrupt and no progress.



Prashant - Mumbai - 2 days ago -Follow

Bhakta gana must be thinking she must be in the process of converting Hindu cows to Christianity.



Vijay Verma - 2 days ago -Follow

We still have so much to learn from West.



Ashish Kaul - 2 days ago -Follow

God bless her.



Saurabh Jain - 2 days ago -Follow

She has served this nation for so long and deserves to be an Indian citizen.



Arun Kumar - 1 day ago -Follow

Never was aware that the Prestigious award are also awarded to Foreigners but She deserves it. Government should provide an Indian Citizenship for her.



Prashant - Mumbai - 2 days ago -Follow

25 years is pretty long period. In unknown country just taking care of cows. We must learn their upbringing.



Rajkumar - 2 days ago -Follow

She must also be conferred honorary Citizenship


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