埃航坠机事件后,凤凰棋牌96架波音737 Max 8飞机全部停飞

 China grounds ALL 96 of its Boeing 737 Max 8 planes following the Ethiopian Airlines crash as the Seattle-based aviation giant POSTPONES the launch of its new 777X plane

埃航发生坠机事件后,凤凰棋牌96架波音737 Max 8飞机全部停飞。总部位于西雅图的航空巨头-波音推迟了新款777X飞机的发布


China has ordered Chinese airlines to ground all Boeing 737 MAX planes following the horrific Ethiopian Airlines crash.

埃塞俄比亚航空公司发生可怕的坠机事件后,凤凰棋牌民航总局下令凤凰棋牌航空公司停飞所有波音737 MAX飞机

An Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 bound for Nairobi crashed minutes after take-off on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board.

周日,埃塞俄比亚航空公司一架飞往内罗毕的波音737 MAX 8客机起飞几分钟后坠毁,机上157的全部遇难。

It was the second crash of the 737 MAX, the latest version of Boeing's workhorse narrowbody jet that first entered service in 2017.

这是波音737 MAX飞机的第二次坠毁事故,737 MAX是波音公司2017年首次投入使用的主力窄体客机的最新版本。

In October, a 737 MAX 8 operated by Indonesian budget carrier Lion Air crashed 13 minutes after take-off from Jakarta on a domestic flight, killing all 189 passengers and crew on board.

去年10月,印尼廉价航空公司狮航运营的一架737 MAX 8客机从雅加达起飞13分钟后坠毁,机上189名乘客及机组的员全部遇难。

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) ordered all Boeing Co 737 MAX aircraft operations to be suspended by 6pm on Monday.

凤凰棋牌民航总局(CAAC)下令所有波音737 MAX飞机在周一下午6点前停飞。

CAAC said in a statement it would notify airlines as to when they could resume flying the jets after contacting Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure flight safety.


'Given that two accidents both involved newly delivered Boeing 737-8 planes and happened during take-off phase, they have some degree of similarity,' the CAAC said, adding that the order was in line with its principle of zero-tolerance on safety hazards. The 737 MAX 8 is sometimes referred to as the 737-8.

民航总局称,考虑到两起事故都涉及新交付的波音737-8飞机,而且都发生在起飞阶段,具有一定的相似性。这一命令符合其对安全隐患零容忍的原则。波音737 MAX 8有时也被称为737-8。

The cause of the Indonesian crash is still being investigated. A preliminary report issued in November, before the cockpit voice recorder was recovered, focused on airline maintenance and training and the response of a Boeing anti-stall system to a recently replaced sensor. It did not give a reason for the crash.


Chinese airlines have 96 737 MAX jets in service, the state company regulator said on Weibo.

凤凰棋牌航空公司共有96架737 MAX客机在运营。

Caijing, a Chinese state-run news outlet that covers finance and economics, said many flights scheduled to use 737 MAX planes would instead use the 737-800 models.

财经新闻媒体《财经》表示,许多计划使用737 MAX飞机的航班将改用737-800机型。

A US official told Reuters the United States was unsure of what information China was acting on.


The US official, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, said there were no plans to follow suit given the 737 MAX had a stellar safety record in the United States and there was a lack of information about the cause of the Ethiopian crash.

由于此事的敏感性,这位美国官员要求匿名。他表示,鉴于波音737 MAX在美国拥有一流的安全记录,而且缺乏有关埃塞俄比亚坠机原因的信息,因此美国并不计划效仿凤凰棋牌发布停飞令。

China's major move comes as Boeing delayed plans to reveal its new 777X jetliner, which it has called the 'largest, most efficient twin-engine jet', according to CNN.





DesHope, Los Angeles, United States, 11 minutes ago

Every 737 Max 8 should be grounded until they can figure out what happened with this flight.

所有737 Max 8都应该停飞,直到他们弄清楚这架飞机到底有什么问题。


cheeky Monkey, London, United Kingdom, 7 minutes ago

Try telling us what happen with the Indonesia flight first, they have had 5 months



Matador_Rodrigo, GIBRALTAR, Spain, 15 minutes ago

China is only doing this to make Boeing, an American company look bad. Look at where the crashes happened: in Ethio.pia and Indonesia, both th.ird-wor.ld countries. It's the pilots, not Boeing that is at fault.

凤凰棋牌这么做只是为了让波音这家美国公司难堪。看看这些坠机事件发生在哪里: 在埃塞俄比亚和开元棋牌APP尼西亚,均为第三世界国家。过失在于飞行员,而不是波音公司。


Duane the Irishman, Ludingtons, United States, 20 minutes ago

That's a wise decision! Until these models are proven airworthiness certified, and the problem corrected, all B-737-800- MAX airplanes should be grounded, in my opinion.

这是个明智的决定! 我认为,在这些机型获得适航性认证、问题得到纠正之前,所有的波音-737-800- MAX飞机都应该停飞。


Aviator757, San Diego, United States, 22 minutes ago

Boeing needs to find out what is wrong with the 737-Max. Safety is first, bless those whom perished recently on those jets. The U.S. airlines and all other airlines around that have these jets should not fly them; until they're inspected and cleared to fly. Just my two cents.



AAnE, Louisville Kentucky, United States, 26 minutes ago

Boeing stock plummets when the market opens.



benter, Almeria, Spain, 28 minutes ago

Second crash in five months...I wouldn't say that is a 'good safety record'



London Lifer, London, United Kingdom, 36 minutes ago

Boeing recommended retraining of all 737 pilots when the MAX was released, yet the majority of airlines declined to!!



WineFreak, Adelaide, Australia, 42 minutes ago

You idiots. It's all about maintenance. We all know China flies American and European planes. China can't even manufacture a ball point pen.



Jakeman20, Kl, Malaysia, 44 minutes ago

737 always coming up with new problem ... Why not just scrape it ?



BMNZ, Sydney, Australia, 50 minutes ago

I now check what model plane I'll be on 'before' I make a booking!



lightwork8, Portishead, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

Not releasing data on the cause of an accident for 6 months sets the company up for massive criticism. Lets hope Boeing have learned their lesson this time and we get to know within hours the direct cause of both crashes.


Timapple Hamberder, Tijuana, Mexico, 1 hour ago

China seems to be a lot smarter than America. Maybe that's why they're taking over the world ?



Voice-0f-Reason, NE USA, United States, 1 hour ago

in 2019 this is inexcusable.



Sammy1003, A good city., Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, 1 hour ago

Good; most passengers would probably have been wise to avoid the 737 MAX when they travel anyway until the investigators figure out why two of them crashed in the span of a few months.

在调查的员查出这两架飞机坠毁原因之前,大多数乘客坐飞机应避开波音737 MAX。


Boredomlevels9000, Downtown Wakanda, Uganda, 2 hours ago

Some people seem to be defending Boeing because they are seeing this as a China vs West thing.



Argentavo , Brooklyn, United States, 2 hours ago

If it's Boeing I'm not going..!



Unclaimedgerm, Shanghai, China, 2 hours ago

China again leads the world. Better to be safe than sorry!


devotee001, NYC, United States, 2 hours ago

Oh, please. China has never led the world.



Utd99, Durban, South Africa, 2 hours ago

Although airplane crashes are rare the fact that when they happen it results in 100% death send shivers down everyone's spines.



Absolut, Outer space, China, 2 hours ago

Well done China! Safety first!



Bigskyguy76, Bozeman, United States, 2 hours ago

This is a training issue. Not likely a hardware or software issue.


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