China wants to build a power station in SPACE by 2030 that will beam solar energy to Earth while in orbit


China is planning to build a power station in space powered by the sun.


The design would sit in Earth's orbit and turn the sun's rays into electricity before beaming the energy back to Earth.


It would provide a near-constant supply of electricity if the technology needed can be developed ahead of the 2030 guideline set by the Chinese space agency.


A test of the technology is expected to take place between 2021 and 2025 in the stratosphere before a one megawatt solar facility is spent into space by 2030, according to the state-backed Science and Technology Daily.


Future missions will be bigger and more efficient, the plans claim.



An experimental testing base has already been established in the western city of Chongqing to work on the project.


The Asian superpower has the second largest amount of state money allocated for space exploration - behind only the US.


China's $8 billion (£6.19 billion) annual budget has seen it rapidly catch rivals such as Russia and the US in the battle for space superiority.


The country has also claimed it wants to be the first country to establish a base on the moon and says it will build it using 3D printing technology.


Officials from the Chinese space agency also said the country will return to the moon by the end of the year with the Chang'e-5 mission.


Three successive missions will further explore the barren surface and the viability of building houses there.


China is swiftly establishing a reputation as one of the forerunners in the renaissance of the space race with its continued investment in both Martian and lunar missions.


After Chang'e-5 returns lunar rocks from the surface the next mission, Chang'e-6 will be the first mission to explore the south pole of the moon.



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Nowonuknow, Galtville, United States, 6 hours ago

So they will beam it back using what? Microwaves? Huge loss and heating the atmosphere. Not to mention a death-ray. Laser beam. Again huge loss. Maybe they will charge a bunch of batteries and then send them down.



David, London, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

Wouldn't it be better if they could have dark nights and days for the polar regions? Stop the ice melting (albedo), and methane release?



David, London, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

Why not build a big pyramid and collect free energy? Maybe it would make a hole in the ionosphere?

为什么不建一个大金字塔,收集能源? 也许可以在电离层上打个洞?


Hugh.jarse, Brexitland, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago

The sun does this by itself.



donnison13355, blyth, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago

China seems to be producing more graduate engineers than any other nation . There ambitions see no boundary's



Darius Stubbs, Philly, United States, 22 hours ago

They want to. Will they ? No.



Firmament, Uk, United Kingdom, 24 hours ago

Imagination gets better on this lot. ;)



Rarkar, Winchester, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

In other words they have invented an accelerated particle weapon.



toshia, ADBASTON , United Kingdom, 1 day ago

As China got hold of some of Issac Asimov's scifi books



Pagewizards, Dodge, Angola, 1 day ago

Looks like Tesla was on the money back in the day with wireless power transfer.



toshia, ADBASTON , United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Perhaps you should point out you mean Mr Tesla, not the modern company run by that bafoon



adamo9, Warrington, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

I believe them



Sandalwood07, Palos Verdes Estates , United States, 1 day ago

Wow, just think: the entire project will be made and assembled in China.....given their record for making top notch products, I suspect this will be costly and utter devestating destruction!



Tankdog1, Dream Land, United States, 1 day ago

by 2030 I want to build a ray gun that turns rocks into gold



Linda, Fairfax USA, United States, 2 days ago

Very interesting. I look forward to seeing their progress.



Wayjamus, Twixt here and yonder, United States, 2 days ago

That is also what's called a space laser - could be used to make really neat Earth carvings.



Con F., Stamford, United States, 2 days ago

Popular Science magazine predicted this more than twenty years ago.....



Gellis, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

..... and Trump wants to build s wall


Refugee1975, Harrisburg , United States, 1 day ago

You have a moat. We need a wall



Destiny McDancer, Dallas, United States, 2 days ago

I am sure they will steal all the technology to make it happen too.


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