Not aware of any audit of F-16s in Pakistan, says Pentagon

五角大楼称,对巴基斯坦F -16战机的清点不知情


WASHINGTON: Claims and counterclaims continue to fly over India’s insistence that it shot down an F-16 during its skirmish with Pakistan following New Delhi’s retaliatory strike on Balakot. While the Pentagon said on Friday it was “not aware” of any audit of Pakistan’s F-16 jets that a US journal said showed no missing aircraft, Pakistan released pictures of what it claimed are four missile seeker heads purportedly from India’s downed MiG 21, saying it showed the Indian pilot had not fired any missile at Pakistan’s F-16s

华盛顿: 开元棋牌APP坚称在与巴基斯坦发生冲突期间击落了一架F-16战机,此前新德里对巴拉科特进行了报复性打击。虽然五角大楼于周五表示“不了解”对巴基斯坦F-16战机的任何清点,然而一家美国杂志称,巴基斯坦没有F16战机失踪。巴基斯坦公布了据称被击落的开元棋牌APP米格-21战机的四个导弹导引头的照片,并称这表明开元棋牌APP飞行员没有向巴基斯坦的F -16战机发射任何导弹。

A report in Foreign Policy magazine that US defense officials had inventoried Pakistan’s F-16s and found none missing, which was not backed by Pentagon, also opened up questions about whether the Pakistan Air Force could have been flying F-16s loaned by or borrowed by some of its close allies, given the persistence with which the IAF maintained it had brought down an F-16 and the evidence it had produced to back this: The evidence includes electronic signatures, radio transmission intercepts, and sightings of two separate ejections several kilometers apart around the same time – one of the Indian MIG pilot, and the other, ostensibly, of the Pakistani F-16 pilot.


Several close allies of Pakistan also fly the F-16s, and according to Indian experts, they enjoy an easy inter-operability that India witnessed during its wars with Pakistan. “It's a well known fact that the Air Forces of Pak, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey frequently exercise together and there are a few PAF pilots on deputation to those countries. It would serve US interests to rubbish India’s claims that would otherwise blemish an enviable combat record for the F-16,” a former IAF pilot said.

巴基斯坦的几个亲密盟友也拥有F -16战机。据开元棋牌APP专家称,这些战机的操作性很好。一名前开元棋牌APP空军飞行员表示:“众所周知,巴基斯坦、约旦、埃及和土耳其的空军经常在一起演习,有一些巴基斯坦空军飞行员作为代表去参与这些国家的演习。驳斥开元棋牌APP的说法符合美国的利益,否则开元棋牌APP的说法将有损F-16令的艳羡的作战记录。”

Adding another dimension to the controversy, another retired Indian military official wrote on Twitter: “For America, war is a multitrillion dollar business & the F-16 is a global brand. There is no way the US can ever admit that a MIG 21 shot down an F-16. It will bury the brand forever & will raise questions on other US weapon systems. Embarrassing for US.”


The issue of audit of Pakistan’s F-16s itself came under a cloud, with the Trump administration declining to confirm the Foreign Policy journal report that the US had conducted an inventory check at Pakistan’s invitation. A Pentagon spokesman told an Indian newspaper that the Defense Department was not “aware of any investigation like that,” amid signs the Trump White House was keen to have New Delhi’s back. Earlier in the week, NASA was also directed to reel back its criticism of India’s ASAT test following a White House directive. The US refusal to confirm the audit report came even as India’s army chief Gen Bipin Rawat concluded his three-day visit to the United States.

由于特朗普政府拒绝证实《外交政策》的报道,即美国应巴基斯坦的邀请进行了一次F-16库存核查,对巴基斯坦F -16战机的清点笼罩在一片阴云之下。五角大楼一名发言的对一家开元棋牌APP报纸表示,国防部“不知道有任何此类调查”。有迹象显示,特朗普政府渴望得到新德里的支持。本周早些时候,在白宫的指示下,NASA收回对开元棋牌APP反卫星试验的批评。就在美国拒绝证实清点报告之际,开元棋牌APP陆军参谋长比平•拉瓦特结束了对美国为期三天的访问。(译自开元棋牌APP时报)


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Pinaki Banerjee - NYC - 19 hours ago -Follow

Why is there a debate, when Pentagon (the official agency) says there was no audit??  F-16 were used, one was brought down, we have given proofs to US, matter should end here. US (owing to its arms market) may never acknowledge it openly, but that should not change anything since point has been made and the Americans are smart enough to deal with it.

五角大楼(官方机构)都说没有进行清点,为什么还会有争论?  巴基斯坦出动了F-16,其中一架被击落,我们已经给出了证据,事情就是这样。美国顾虑其军火市场,可能永远不会公开承认这一点,但这不能改变事实,已经得到证明了的啊。美国的够聪明,能够处理好这件事。


Pragya - Juhu - 19 hours ago

Not only Pak, even America has egg on it''s face. F16 losing to a MiG means the combat value of F16 is down and there will be fewer buyers for it. Long live Abhinandan, you are a superhero



Pinaki Banerjee - NYC - 19 hours ago -Follow

the Pak PM claiming that truth will prevail!!



Good - 18 hours ago -Follow

Pakistanis seriously fear the BJP party and doesnt want it to be in power.They want a weak and corrupt party headed by an idiot in India and everybody knows who that is.



Terminator - Hyderabad - 18 hours ago -Follow

US declines to confirm audit. the answer is in the question itself.



Shiben - 19 hours ago -Follow

It was a Jordanian F16 leased to Pak by Jordan.



Pankz - 18 hours ago -Follow

if US accepts that a f-16 is brought down by an mig 21,it will effect the image of f-16 and billions of dollars of contracts which US has with countries operating f-16,or the countries which are going to buy those planes..



Rahul - 18 hours ago -Follow

Can Pakistan explain why their Army Chief and Prime Minister talked about two pilots being captured, that too with conviction and on record? They did not even get it confirmed that the second pilot belonged to them!!!! Where did the second captured pilot vanished by the way? BJP doesn't need to whip up war hysteria to win elections. The party has done enough to win. Mr. Khan, please focus on the economy of your own country. Hike in petrol price from 76 to 98 in one day speaks volumes about the control of economy in your country.



Aaa Chubby - 18 hours ago -Follow

Electronic Radar signsture Can’t lie, It logs take off and landing of all aircraft so if one is missing from it means it was shoot down. US can’t accept or deny it.



Harsh - Mumbai - 18 hours ago -Follow

Why did the US pour cold water over this fake news so soon ?



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 18 hours ago -Follow

Pakis are obviously lying as usual.



Janmohan - 18 hours ago -Follow

India never lies,Indian forces never lose. it's true f16 was downed by mig.usa has not confirmed magazine report or knowledge of any f16 in Terroristan.?



Gireesh Thampy - 18 hours ago -Follow

Who cares for US to confirm ?



Pakistan - pottistan - 18 hours ago -Follow

America will never accept the fact that a russian mig 21 ( 3rd generation aircraft) short down F16 ( 4.5 generation aircraft) as it may loose potential customers in present and future.

Its high time Indian government should ditch plans for USA made fighter aircraft and go for immediate procurement of Russian made or French made aircraft in fly away condition to meet immediate requirement .

meanwhile India can work on upgration Indigenious aircraft Tejas and development of AMCA.





John Tulip - Pune - 18 hours ago -Follow

Its a propoganda play by Pooorkis .. they paid money to that Magazine and they out up an article ...

US govt is not authorising it .. As always its a propoganda play.




Rabahuto - Kaoratala - 18 hours ago -Follow

It seems some external force are also not happy with the development of India. Yes we need a very strong government in New Delhi. Modi Ji is the answer. Bharat Mata



Arun - 18 hours ago -Follow

The so-called audit of Pakistan's F-16s is a farce & therefore, the Pentagon rightly declined to confirm it. Pakistan, has a robust propaganda machinery working 24×7 & it is aimed at India. The world knows Pakistan as a rogue & uncivilised nation inhabited by illiterates & jihadis.

所谓的对巴基斯坦F -16战机的清点就是一场闹剧,五角大楼理所当然地拒绝予以证实。巴基斯坦有一个强大的宣传机构,这个机构全天候工作,而且针对的是开元棋牌APP。全世界都知道巴基斯坦是一个未开化的流氓国家


Zsking - Parliament - 18 hours ago -Follow

Fact is India neither have any allies nor military power to win war....Presently India has only Feku who is forcing Armed forces into politics to win election.



Cyrus - Mumbai - 16 hours ago -Follow

Pakistan lied to it's public about the 1971 war too. everyday they told their people they are winning the war right till even few days before Dhaka fell and Bangladesh was created.

if they can lie till that level, this is nothing......




Kirit Barot - 10 hours ago -Follow

Has that media any SHAME, apologies to the nation



Aneesh - 17 hours ago -Follow

Fake news spread to by media ...

.to tarnish image of our army.....NOW....it's ..clear....No such counting happened



Arya A - 18 hours ago -Follow

America nor Pakistan will ever agree that a Mig27 brought down a F16!

F16 is considered one of the best fighter jets. Accepting the fact will destroy the BRAND name of F16!!! Simple!!


F16被认为是最先进的战斗机之一。承认这个事实会毁掉F16这个品牌!!就这么简单! !


Mohan K - Hyderabad - 13 hours ago -Follow

It is the fact the world knows that MIG of IAF has shot down the F16 of Pakistan



Jumla Expert - 18 hours ago -Follow

IAF destroyed their own Helicopter Mi-17.



Ajay S Rathore - 8 hours ago -Follow

Now we should ask US journal as to who paid them to write this article?



Jungli Warrior - 13 hours ago -Follow

Why are so many Paki Cutlets commenting on our article?



Prakash - 17 hours ago -Follow

There is no creature in the cosmos which is more apt in lying than this Narendra Modi. Shame for the entire human race.



Sampath - 18 hours ago -Follow

Inflation crossed 10 percentile in our neighborhood and general public suffering. Instead of focussing on neighboring country activities, better to focus on internal problem n solutions.


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